Tank – Therapy Dog in Training

Therapy Dogs have interested me since meeting a beautiful Weimaraner in a nursing home facility I supported where I worked.  I learned about Therapy Dogs, that some sleep with the patients, most are companions that share their love and affection.  Since then I’ve met numerous Therapy Dogs and talked about them with their owners, I’ve checked into the qualifications, and enjoyed the benefits of good training of dogs and cats throughout my life.


I decided the next young puppy that I could find I would get to train as a Therapy Dog.  A few days later my daughter texted me, “Do you want a puppy?”  I immediately responded yes.  My son and I met the owner in NJ, perfectly timed with my nieces wedding in NJ.  There were two puppies left, now 8 weeks old, and we chose the male and my son named him “Tank.”  He was small but stood tall against the world.

Tank was raised with his brother of another mother, Kobee, a white husky.  Kobee passed away this summer, but it is clear that he left his impression on Tank.  He made Tank tough, as they loved to wrestle and goof around.  Tank would stand on his back feet and get Kobee in a Nelson Hold, and they would rough house it for a while.  Tank also howls when I leave.  Little dogs don’t howl, but husky’s do.

When Tank was about a year old he jumped on me in the middle of the night.  I brushed him off, but he was persistent. After he woke me I realized I had fallen asleep on the couch and the soup on the stove was charred with black smoke billowing from the pot.  The smoke detector malfunctioned, but Tank saved me.

Tank is intuitive to human feelings and well being.  When someone is sad, he hugs them.  He is full of love and hugs.  One has to watch his quick little tongue though, he’s notorious for giving “wet willy’s” and as many kisses as allowed.  He walks cautiously when a toddler holds the lead, making sure they are alright.

Just the other day I tripped and fell.  Tank was immediately by my side nudging and kissing me until I sat up and acknowledged him.

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